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Welcome to the X_x_x___PERV___x_x_X Videochatroom on camfrog


Rules of the X_x_x__PERV__x_x_X Chatroom:

- The Main language is ENGLISH, other languages are tolerated but when they take over the chat owners will act.

- Nudity is allowed and encouraged!

- You can ask a lady to show but be polite and do NOT beg over and over.

- Same gender viewers can be punished/unpunished so if you are gay, looking at someone of the same gender might get you punished/unpunished.

- Mic policy: no color status is required to ask for mic, you just need to be able to play music in 'stereomix'and ofcourse have good tunes. Live djs who play using hardware mixers/controllers enjoy preference above mp3/youtube/webradio players. There is no time limit for dj-ing, all is arranged in 'fair use policy' and respect for eachother.

- Operators and Owners: Use a reason when u punish/kick a person, and it's preferred that an abusive user is PUNISHED instead of kicked.

- The 'user on wrong gender profile' rule: There is no rule concerning users on wrong gender!!! If if you see a male user on a female profile or vice versa, close the cam and move on.

- Status policy:
   - Nobody gets operator status on first visit!!!
   - OPPLUS is abselutely forbidden
   - Females get owner status after proven value and loyalty to the room